About Kat

Hi! I'm Kat. Welcome to my blog. I am and love many things. Mostly I love my husband and my three kiddos. I love being a mama through and through...but that doesn't mean I don't sometimes feel like running away for a while or that I always get things "right". But I do always cherish this journey. 

I've always been passionate about helping others and in making our world a better place. As a teenager I dreamed of going off and working for GreenPeace and changing the world! But I also had another passionate dream: to be a mother. I am so blessed and grateful that this has become a reality! And what I've come to realize is that being a mother is the ultimate way to create change. Along this parenting journey I've let go of a lot of my idealist views...and realized that it's not about being "perfect", but it is about being present and an active participant in this gig we call parenting. Sometimes it's easy, but sometime's it's not. And on the not-so-easy days I do love chocolate. I parent with respect, empathy and love because I hope to instill those same values in my children, and because I want to Be The Change...

My education has been focused on health and well-being. I have a BSc. in Psychology and a Master's in Health Promotion. I am also a certified Life Coach and focus my practice on Personal Well-Being and Parent Coaching. I am also currently becoming certified as a Birth Doula through CAPPA Canada, and I am so excited about this! I look forward to working in the birth community and continuing my passion of empowering parents.

On the side I enjoy writing, photography, reading, yoga and I have been known to go out with friends past 8pm {gasp!} on the rare occasion...

Mostly this blog is a place where I can write about the dailies of my life as a mother of three..the good, the bad, and the exhausting...from milestones to funny things my kiddos do or say! You will also find in the mix, articles on the things I am passionate about and many opinion pieces,,,on which I look forward to hearing your perspective.

Welcome and happy reading!