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Growing Happy Kids: Review and Giveaway

Today I would like to share my thoughts and experience in reading Maureen Healy's new book titled "Growing Happy Kids".

I love holding an unread, fresh book in my hands. There's something about the anticipation of delving into a whole new world of knowledge within it's pages that I will always enjoy! When I first began reading "Growing Happy Kids" I felt immediately drawn into the powerful message within. It didn't take long for me to begin to feel inspired. That's what makes this book so special and amazing: the powerful message and tools provided within are presented in a way that is straightforward, to-the point and you never feel overwhelmed or intimidated. I think this is all key in a parenting book! After all, in reading a parenting book you want to feel inspired and that you can do better...that what you are learning is possible and that you CAN create a positive change!

And that is exactly how I felt while reading this book.

In her book, Maureen Healy provides parents, and other readers who work or deal with children, with the Five Building Blocks necessary for building inner confidence, which is the precursor for cultivating lasting, life-long happiness. These Five Building Blocks are: Biology, Beliefs, Emotions, Social and Spiritual. These blocks provide parents with a clear way to guide their children towards creating a healthy view of themselves, which leads to inner self-confidence, which is then manifested in the ability to have a positive outlook. And having a positive outlook on ourselves and our lives is an essential part of living a happy life!

And after seeing so many unhappy looking kiddos and teens as I walk my daughter to school everyday, I think it's essential that we as parents, and everyone who deals with or cares for children, make it a priority to do whatever we can to ensure we are growing happy kids!

Not only does this book provide the tools needed for fostering a child's inner confidence, but it encourages parents to do the same for themselves. Children learn by modeling, so it's important for the important adults in their lives to also practice the process of building and nurturing their own inner confidence. Maureen provides readers with the necessary guidance to achieve this.

And now to answer the question I'm sure many of you are wondering: Would I use this approach with my own children?

Absolutely! This is totally up my alley: the mindfulness in parenting, inward focus and trusting our intuition, building up of inner confidence and peace, the way in which Maureen suggest we talk and relate to our children...all of it is stuff we are already doing or would be totally willing to incorporate into our parenting approach.

And did you know Maureen is also a Parenting Coach? Recently there have been some happenings in our family that have made me feel like we need some support in dealing with our two highly sensitive children (soon to determine whether Elsa is as well, but by the way things are going I'm sure she is too!). There are things that I sometimes feel lost on and if I could just get a little guidance and perspective on, I'm sure I would find my way again! But I just haven't found the right person to trust and connect with on this. After reading "Growing Happy Kids" I feel more confident in how to approach parenting my unique children. Also, after learning more about Maureen's background and approach, I would highly consider consulting her! I'll keep you all posted on that!

What I love most about this book is that it is bursting with wisdom, yet it is so easy to read and understand!
Maureen Healy

Maureen has been kind enough to provide me with a short interview, I hope it gives you all a better understanding of her work, her inspiration and her purpose!

What inspired you to write "Growing Happy Kids"?  
With more than 20 years of global experience fostering children's happiness, I know firsthand how challenging it can be for kids and parents to overcome obstacles and feel inwardly confident so this book was born out of my wish to help more adults and children develop inner confidence so they can live the life of their dreams. I have also had the good fortune of studying with spiritual teachers and scientists that helped me understand (and put into practice) how to cultivate a deeper sense of confidence in children.

What audience did you have in mind when you wrote the book/ who did you write the book for?
Any adult (parent, teacher, grandparent, stepparent, doctor, counselor, caregiver) who is nurturing children's sense of self-esteem, confidence and ultimately happiness is the audience. It is written for anyone from any tradition (spiritual, cultural) to pick up and make work in their lives so they can develop this deeper sense of confidence in their kids.
What makes this book different from other parenting books?
"Growing Happy Kids" is a book about nurturing a child's growing sense of self-confidence and planting the seeds of lifetime happiness. It isn't about their behavior --- it is about their emotional lives, and how to help guide them to believe in themselves, and do the "things" needed to nurture a positive mindset so they can move through life easier, and with more success.
If you could give one advice to parents, what would it be?
Since my book is about cultivating self-confidence, I would suggest that parents (and other adults raising kids) think of nurturing confidence like a multivitamin that needs to be taken everyday day. It is the little things done everyday that helps a kid believe in himself or herself. So use your time effectively whether it's the car ride to school (they're captive here --- just perfect) or time in the afternoon listening to an empowering song together where you both grow your self-confidence (even 5 minutes makes a difference!).

What would you say to parents and other readers who may be unsure of how to incorporate the Eastern Wisdom pieces you write about?
All of the material in the book is written in a universal language to make work for any parent, teacher, counselor or adult nurturing kids. I always suggest to read through and use what works for you. In the last chapter, I dedicate a whole section that provides adults ready-made suggestions such as sample meditations (guided visualizations) and creative projects using technology that empower both parents and kids.
If you could pick one book to complement and enhance the benefits and message of your book and the Five Building Blocks process, what would it be?
Great question. This is one I've never gotten before! The first book off the top of my mind is by Sharon Salzberg called "Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation". Her book is written in an easy to understand and practical way for any adult to begin a practice of meditation whether it is sitting meditation or walking meditation. Plus, it comes with an audio so you can listen to it too and maybe even create a family practice of meditation! 

I hope you have enjoyed learning about this wonderful new book, which I believe is an amazing resource to have in our toolkit!

I would encourage you to visit Growing Happy Kids online and learn more about Maureen's work and her organization. If you'd like you can order and buy the book directly from the Growing Happy Kids website.

And because Maureen is so awesome, she has offered to host a giveaway of "Growing Happy Kids"! We have 2 copies of the book up for grabs! All you have to do is follow the entry instructions below.
Good luck!

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  1. After burning through my reading list lately (thanks, night nursing!) I need a good read! Thanks for hosting this!

  2. I like that this book is about building self-confidence rather than focusing on "behavior".


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