Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Much needed vent...

So over the last couple of weeks I've had several instances were I feel like smashing something...now before you go on and think I am crazy let me explain. I haven't actually smashed things..which is why I REALLY need to vent in some constructive positive form. I have noticed that these moments of frustration are happening at times when I am blatantly shown how ignorant and thoughtless and IGNORANT people can be!!! To add to the list of humanity's deficits are irresponsibility (not just the kind your mother nagged you about. I'm talking about not seeing the consequences of our actions in decisions that affect our health, others health and our environment) , being inconsiderate and what gets me the most is our ever preferable way of dealing with problems: do like the ostrich did and stick your head in the sand! Part of all this is stemming from what I am exposed to every day at school, work and living in the "ghetto" part of Halifax. I see first hand the problems we have created by being members of this society with all the above mentioned "wonderful" traits. My faith in our ability to change our world for the better is tested everyday. Mind you, I do not believe that humans are horrible creatures. I just get frustrated that even a good person can make bad choices...even good people prefer to go the easy way and not fight for much needed changes. All in all, what gets me the most is when these choices affect children. And of course a majority of these choices affect children or will affect them when/as they grow up. It breaks my heart to (to name a few): see a woman smoking around her kids or even worse when pregnant (which I see alot), see the smokestacks from my window polluting industrial waste into our air, see people driving solo, see people driving SUVs or other gas gusslers, hear how people just don't want to acknowledge or learn about all the awful things that are in every single food & product we use. However, even though everyday we push the earth we live on to its limits, I want to live a happy, worry-free life. Don't we all? I don't want to be afraid of eating fruit because it may have pesticides, or to go out for a walk on a sunny day under a huge ozone hole, or to use make-up with carcinogens. But I think this is where the balance between being in denial (which stems from being afraid) and being conscious comes in. Just because you are conscious about the actions you take, the everyday decisions you might make which could improve our situation does not mean you have to be labelled as an "activist" or a "hippie"or whatever other terms people don't want to be called (the way that these terms came to have a negative connotation associated with them is beyond my current vent. Personally I don't see anything wrong with being a hippie or an activist; I consider myself one). We need to find a balance. A balance between modern living (with all its gizmos and gadgets and "fast" shortcuts to everything) and sustainable living (i.e. having a healthy world to live in in the coming times). The downfall of the young is that they feel immortal. We live in a time where our modern societies are still young. We don't believe that our actions today affect the world tomorrow...and the next day and the next etc, etc. We think, "oh, it won't happen to us." But if we recognize that and work to change it, the world will be a better place. So, thanks for enduring my vent. Now I end by saying that I will live my life to the fullest, live it striving to improve (myself, society, the environment) and always try to see the connection my actions have on others and the world.

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