Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Getting so close...

Life is good. I am done classes, I have finally settled on a research topic I am happy and excited about (Yay! What a relief), still enjoying work, the weather is getting nicer and we are getting so much closer to meeting our precious baby girl! We cannot wait!!! The last couple of weekends we have spent getting her room ready. It's all painted, and last weekend we put together the many, many pieces of IKEA furniture we bought. For those of you that have ever bought from IKEA you will appreciate the time and effort it takes to build it all. our hands ached for a couple days after, but it was so worth it. Despite the work it takes, it looks great and it's so inexpensive. I can't wait for our baby to use her stuff!!!

So what is new with me and my preggo body...Well, I am 30 weeks. 10 left...or 11 (I am pretty sure she will arrive a week after her due date). My back aches, my new favorite place is the bathroom, I eat constantly (don't worry, I eat healthy) and I no longer fir in anything!!! No, it's not that bad, but it's getting close. The sad thing is that even the clothes at the maternity store don't fit because (sorry to all who may hate me for saying this) even the small size is TOO big for me!!! So I have resorted to buying extra small where they have it (thank goodness for Old Navy!)and wearing stretchy pants. The good thing is that summer is coming, and I can wear shorts and skirts (which are easy to get without buttons, buckles and zippers...yay for elastics!).

I have my next prenatal on May 10 and then it's every 2 weeks until week 36, then every week. Wow! Wow! Wow! I know 2 months is a while, but really when I think how fast the last 2 months have gone by, I will be in labour before I know it!!!

Ok, I have to stop thinking about giving birth for a while, so I am off to watch some T.V and eat some more.

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