Thursday, May 18, 2006

Got to have a baby peek!

Happy 32 weeks to me!!! Today I am 32 weeks! Yay! Only 8 more to go!!! And boy oh boy, it's gonna be a looong 8 weeks! I am officially a waddling, tired, emotional and achy pregnant lady! The waddling is due to her being head down and putting pressure on my bladder and pelvis, which in turn makes me go pee every 15 minutes! I am tired cause I can't sleep well at night due to my ribs and back being sore and peeing 4-5 times a night and I am emotional from all the hormones and anticipation of giving birth! But all these aches and pains are totally worth it...and getting to see our baby again today was proof enough for me! It was so amazing to see her again! The doctor said everything was looking great. Baby is head down and super active! She is quite the wiggly worm! Her feet (yes, both of them!) are under my right rib which explains why it's so sore! The estimate put her weight at 3lbs 13 oz.
So thankfully, all is well. I will post a belly pic later.

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