Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Toothy grin

Well, it has happened...after months of pre-teething, Maddie finally has her first tooth! All those times she was super cranky and mouthing absolutely everything she could get her hands on, I just knew it had to be her gums. Most nights I had to give her some tylenol as the poor baby couldn't settle sometimes, and now we know why. It made it's first appearance yesterday. Ken was rubbing her gums and said " I think I feel a tooth!" So he looked and looked and finally Maddie let him see and sure enough there it was, bottom left hand side, a sharp little white tooth. I had noticed that my nipples were getting more sore than normal too, so that explains why! I just really, really hope she won't bite. I know she will learn not to, but I don't want to have to experience that pain, I hear it's awful! And since the pain of childbirth seems like a distant, beautiful memory (yes, I have romanticized it) the pain of being bitten in such a sensitive area looms like a dark cloud. The tooth has a few days left until it makes a full appearance, but it's effects are already there. Maddie continues to chew on everything, she's still a bit fussy at times and drooling a bit. But on the plus side, she seems to have finished her growth spurt and is back to sleeping her long stretches (knock on wood!!!), last night she slept for 8.5 hours! And the last bit of news is that she started carrots yesterday! She seemed to not mind them, but she didn't eat them with the same eagerness and she does her cereal. But then today, she did better with them, with most of them endind up in her mouth, not her bib!!!

I still can't believe she has a tooth!

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