Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bumbo Blunder

We love our Bumbo seat. We've used it since she was about 3 months and it really helped her learn how to sit and to build the muscles she needed to sit and hold her head up. We have been using Bumbo as our main seat during mealtimes, but it's also come in handy while we wash dishes and clean up after eating.

But today everything changed.

The morning started out really well. Maddie decided to go back to sleep after waking up and nursing at 7am. So I let her and she woke up at 9am. I brought her down to feed her breakfast. While I was making her food, I set her in her Bumbo and went into the kitchen, which is about 9 feet from the living room table where she was sitting. While her blueberry cubes where melting in the microwave, I decided to throw her diapers in the wash. All of a sudden I got the urge to look over at her, and low and behold she had gotten herself out of the seat and was rolling towards the table top. I screamed "Oh my God!" and ran as fast as I could towards her. As I ran I saw how she continued to roll and she was a split second from falling to the ground.

I have never felt myself move so fast!

I caught her just in time.

All I could do was kiss her and hug her and tell her I was sorry for being so silly.

She just laughed and looked at me like I was cuckoo...

Yes, I know what you are thinking (well what some of you might be thinking)...but really, we've all done's just so easy to place Bumbo on the counter or the table...especially when they are smaller. It allows you to get things done without carrying them around. But it is true, Bumbo is happiest on the floor.

I feel awful about it. But before today, she had never really shown me signs that she might pop out. I guess I underestimated her.

So, I went out and bought a highchair. There will be no more close-calls for me!

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