Sunday, April 1, 2007


The next few months will be some of the busiest and demanding we've ever experienced. Even more so than when Maddie was a colicky, non-stop crying infant. At least back then I could crawl into bed with her and both of us could just sleep. I could forget about anything and everything. I put my thesis on hold and was only focusing on the bare essentials to survive. But now things are different. She is more independent and aware of her surroundings, she now likes to play with us, and most of the time she takes up all our time. And I have to finish my thesis. So we are shifting to overdrive because on top of everything baby-related, we also have everything school-related to take care of. I have my thesis and Ken has his huge licensing exam coming up. If all goes as planned I will be graduating this fall. That means I have to propose, collect data, analyze results, write my thesis and defend by Sep 7, 2007.'s gonna be a lot of work. So now we are really going to find out what juggling life, our kiddo and school is all about *!

*So to all my dear friends, forgive me if I am not always able to hang out, chat and/or play. I have not forgotten about you.


  1. Holy holy holy - you are going to finish a thesis with a baby. You scare me. Most people can barely finish their thesis with nothing else to do. Go you.

  2. Yeah, I think I am crazy sometimes! I scare myself too! LOL!


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