Friday, June 15, 2007

Breastfeeding a Toddler

A friend of mine pointed out today that Maddie is ready (or soon to be ready) to be called a toddler. I thought about it for a second...and I realized she's right. She now toddles...which by the way is the cutest thing I've ever seen! She is testing her balance all the time and all she wants to do is walk around, and back and forth, and this way and that. Before I know it she'll be taking her first steps. With all this excitement into the new world of mobility comes immense distraction. Which, when you are breastfeeding proves to be a challenge. I now have a favorite moment to add to the list. Today when I was nursing her in the afternoon she would use her bare feet to touch my chin and try to stick her toes in my mouth. All the while she had a look in her eye, like she was thinking "Ah what a life. I'm drinking my favorite drink and since I cannot use my feet to walk I will use them to poke mommy and make her laugh." And that she did.


  1. Nursing toddlers do all sorts of hilarious things - have you read the new version of 'Mothering your Nursing Toddler'? It is a good read, plus it has many stories like this...

  2. Ah, foot in face. Know it. Love it.


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