Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fun at Hatfield Farms

Today we went to Hatfield Farms, a local fun-farm and went on a wagon ride. Maddie loved seeing all the animals, especially the horses and the one HUGE pig (who we couldn't get a picture of because despite her size she was quite fast). I love to watch Maddie's amazement and excitement in seeing new things and animals. I can just imagine her thoughts, "Oh I have seen horses in my book, but here is a real one!" The rest of the day she kept saying, "Big Pig, Horsie Ride!" I bet she'll be having dreams with horses and pigs and farm fun tonight.

Me and Maddie with the horse

Maddie checking out the goats

On the wagon ride with Mommy

...with Daddy (she blinked!)

The three of us

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