Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maddie the Doctor

For a few months now Maddie has been pretending to be a doctor. She will get a stick or any little random thing and pretend to check ears, chest, legs...Well we finally decided to get her a little doctor play kit. She has a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, medicine bottle, bandages made of plastic, an otoscope, reflex hammer and a little pager too! And some other little things I can't remember. She loves it!

Maddie: Mama's sick. Check temperature (she really does say it too!).

Me: Oh no, what's wrong? Am I OK?

Maddie: No...need medicine

She proceeds to get the little bottle and syringe from the kit and to draw out the medicine. Then she walks over and puts it in my mouth and pushes the plunger.

Maddie: Feel all better now.

When the little pager beeps she says, "Maddie go to work. Need to check people."

Awww she is too cute...

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  1. Precious!! TOO PRECIOUS!! She grows so fast and she is just like her mommy.


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