Monday, September 15, 2008

A little bit of everything...

We survived an awful night of frequent night waking. I began to think if it could be her ears since she just got over a cold? So I booked a doc appointment. The rest of the day was pretty good. Maddie napped nicely and so did I. It was a deep, open-mouth, dead sleep. I woke up and turned on the TV and started watching Oprah which then proceeded to make me sick to my stomach (did anyone else see it today?). How can anyone be so awful, sick and cruel? It makes no sense to me how this can get so out of hand. I hope she's right and that we can all get together to do something about it! So after crying for 20 min I had to go and wake miss Maddie as she was still sleeping and we were late. We got there just in time, thanks to my shortcuts! And thankfully, no ear infection. Maddie did so well with Dr. C. She let him check her ears, throat and chest without fussing at all! So we drove home. We arrived to see Kali out of her crate (I have no idea how she got out as the door was still locked!) and one whiff immediately told me why. She had pooped (diarrhea!) all over the place!!! OMG! It was awful. I gagged the whole time cleaning it. Maddie watched and kept asking, "Are you OK mommy?" I would reply, "Kind of. This is just really yucky." She then began to say, "Really yucky." But according to Maddie, Kali is not a bad doggie. She just had an "accident". Hehehehe...sure put things into perspective for me and made me feel better. So today was filled with all sorts of events and now I am off to bed.

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