Monday, December 15, 2008

Real vs. Fake

As the big day approaches, those of us that celebrate this season, are putting up our decorations and getting our trees. This year, I came across an interesting article in The Coast, that outlined the pros and cons of getting a real or fake tree. If you have time, read it. And whatever you decide, have a Merry Christmas!

We always get a real tree. It's kind of nice to come home to the fresh, pine scent. And even though those fallen pine needles sometimes annoy me, I still love it!

Here are some pics of last weekend when we put up our tree...

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  1. Good article. I like cutting our tree down. It's a fun family activity. Stomping around a Christmas tree lot, hunting for one. It always breaks my heart to see all the trees left over on some of the lots around the area. So by cutting my own down, I'm not supporting those who over cut.
    Looks like everyone had fun with the tree at your house! She's such a cutie. :)


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