Thursday, February 26, 2009

21 week pic

Here it is... (21 weeks and 2 days I think)

With Maddie I think I was carrying much higher...I will have to dig out that pic and compare. This was taken almost a week ago, and I think I am already bigger! This little boy is sure growing fast!

OK, I went back and found my 21w4d belly pic with Maddie and wow, I am bigger this time! I attribute it to being "stretchier" the second time around AND the fact that our little guy is bigger than Maddie was (he was measuring 2-3 days ahead at our last U/S, where Maddie was always measuring about 2 days behind).


  1. WOW you are bigger! He is a growing boy! All great signs.. Thanks for sharing the pics!! You look fantastic!


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