Sunday, February 22, 2009

21 weeks!

Ay ay ay! Wow. It's so exciting! As much as I can't wait to have the baby, I still want to be pregnant for a good long while. I've made a deal with him,,,he has to stay warm and cozy in my belly until at least 37 weeks...but only if it means he'll be healthier in rather than out! I don't know why Maddie came early, but she did and although she was a preemie, she did really well, all things considered. Sometimes I wonder if she'd stayed in longer, if there would have been issues...but of course that's impossible to know and it's not really worth pondering the what-could-have-been's. All I want is for my kiddos to be happy and healthy, so whatever needs to happen for that, I'm game!

This last week has been pretty crazy. I had to finalize my thesis to hand in, so that was stressful and so much work. But I did it, of course I had lots of help! Now I just have to get ready for the defence in March...eeeeks!

Also, I've been feeling beanie more and more. And about two weeks ago Ken felt a kick on the outside, and now he can feel him moving more and more! It's so awesome! Maddie also loves to talk to her baby brother and she rubs my belly and tells him she'll take care of him. I can't wait for her to be able to feel him moving too. It's kind of funny, but she thinks he is in my belly button! I pondered explaining things to her, but she is too young still, so I just let her talk to my belly button. I'm sure one day before I know it, she'll be the one asking me where babies come from!

I just realized I haven't taken a pic of the belly in a long time! I will get Ken to take one today before I get bigger!

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