Tuesday, February 10, 2009


And most importantly, he is healthy! Dr. M said everything looked great! They had a bit of a hard time assessing his profile because he was positioned in quite the funny way and nuzzled right into the side, hiding his little face. But Dr. M is a pro and finally got a good view! There was no trouble seeing that he was a boy though! I guess both him and Maddie are not shy. He was measuring a few days ahead, in the 60ish percentile. And thankfully everything was measuring right on with my cervix, but as Dr. M said she "doesn't trust my cervix", so I will have another check in 4 weeks. I am so happy all is well! We are so excited and so very grateful...we are surely blessed!

I am still in a bit of disbelief that it's a boy and that I actually had all those dreams from the beginning that it was a boy! I dont' know anything about little boys! But I'm sure we'll be just fine...it's actually really exciting. I grew up with a little brother and had lots of fun, so I know Maddie will too.

I can't wait to meet our little guy!

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