Monday, June 8, 2009

36 weeks!!!

If someone were to have told me that I would not be having a preemie this pregnancy, I would have been a wee bit skeptical. Part of me did think that perhaps this little baby would be making an early arrival. I worried in early pregnancy about all the contractions, cramps and pelvic pressure. I found all my ultrasounds so very reassuring and I looked forward to being told all was well. Throughout, I hoped and prayed and trusted that my body knew what it was doing and that all would be well. But at times it was hard not to worry. And now that I've made it this far in my pregnancy, I am experiencing a complete reversal of emotions! I am now looking forward to contractions and pelvic pressure. I am so excited and full of anticipation to meet this little baby! Everything in the last 9 months has led up to the next few weeks...I can't believe that soon we will be welcoming a new little human being into the world, into our family. I can't wait!!!! Pretty much anytime now I would be happy to go into labour. I have my midwife and doula's numbers handy, bags packed and Isaac's clothes and diapers washed and ready. But I know that there are technically a few weeks left, so I am being patient, or at least trying to be!

So I've been thinking about a few things that I did not get to experience with Maddie's pregnancy...
-Swollen feet, ankles and legs
-Big heavy belly, which I mostly notice at night when trying to roll from one side to the other
-Movement which feels like rolls, no more super hard kicks...there's no more room in there!
-Hiccups! Isaac gets them a lot, Maddie didn't really
-Having to get maternity clothes for summer!
-Being able to put a cup, small plate, bowl on my belly and it not falling! Sometimes he actually moves around makes it wiggle around...too cute!
-Frequent, and I mean FREQUENT, trips to the bathroom, my bladder has NO room!
-My belly button basically disappearing into a flattened weird bump...hehehe

I'm sure I will think of more...I am always thinking of things during the day...I'll add more later. But I think the biggest one is that I never thought I would actually be wishing and looking forward to giving birth! I am a bit scared, I know it's going to hurt like hell, but I am also really looking forward to it because the end goal is the most amazing blessing!

Here's my 36 week belly shot

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  1. What a gorgeous belly. Now how can you mention the bowl and plate on the belly and not share pics?? I was expecting to see them. LOL! maybe you can just shaer with me? FOr some reason I think you took pics of that already and they are posted in your scrapbook!!

    Congrats of making it so far... what an incredibly exciting time! Keep taking such good care of him and yourself you look amazing!


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