Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why I made French toast...

Last night I got a lovely massage from my hubby. My legs ached so bad and just everything had that tired achy feeling to it. As usual my nightly toss and turn session resulted in several middle of the night wake-ups. At 3am, after trudging to the bathroom for the 3rd time, I heard little footsteps in the hall. Maddie was awake, holding her stuffed panda and a little groggy and upset. Apparently, she was was very thirsty and just needed a little drink. So after getting her a drink and a visit to the potty, she, thankfully, went back to sleep with no protesting. I headed back to bed to hopefully also go back to sleep. I did, but it was a restless sleep. I heard the rising of the birds, the first few neighbors taking off early in the morning and just when it felt like I had drifted into a nice slumber, the radio came on. 6am...of course hubby did not immediately wake up. So I rubbed his back and he turned off the alarm. After I while I woke up again. I thought he'd woken up, but instead he only seemed like he had and we'd both gone back to sleep and it was now 6:45am, usually the time he is 95% ready to head out the door. Oooops. I offered to get up and help him get stuff ready, but he insisted that I stay and enjoy the few moments of sleep before Maddie woke up, and he disappeared into the bathroom. I closed my eyes, feeling sleep about to take over...and then the only thought I heard in my head was, "Get up and make your hubby a yummy breakfast." Yes, I know I didn't sleep well. And yes, I am pregnant and more than often, I feel I should be pampered to my last whim. And you know what, I am. All by my wonderful hubby. But, in reality, you only have certain moments in life to show your significant other that you love them unconditionally, and this was one of them. So I headed downstairs to make his breakfast, in record time I might add!

Now, in a few weeks time, I have to say that even though I may want to get up and do certain things, I will not have the energy to do so...but you know what? I know my hubby will completely understand...

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