Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Due Day to Me!

Well my due date has come and gone. I am experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. I swing from sheer desperation, wanting this baby out, freaking out that something might go complete peace and acceptance that I could still be pregnant for many a days to come. Right now, I am in a moment of acceptance, but come morning I will probably again be wondering why the heck I have not yet gone into labour! I feel like a time bomb, without a timer, just ticking away. Well I know one thing for sure. One way or another this baby is coming out really is just a matter of time. The hard part is the waiting and the uncertainty of the whole thing. I have my next prenatal on Tuesday. If I'm still pregnant of course! Here's to hoping that something happens before then!

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  1. HAPPY DUE DATE!!!!!

    I know its going to happen soon for you, he is just too comfy in there. Int the words of my niece he is all comchi cozy!!! ;)

    Hope that made you laugh... maybe laughter will help him realize things are just as great out as they are in!!!
    Thinking of you! Sending you good QUICK labour pains!!


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