Sunday, February 7, 2010

Adventures in Texas Part II

I can't believe we've been here for a week already! I guess we must be having fun because time sure is flying by. For not really doing a whole lot, this week has sure been interesting. Since my last post a few things have happened that I thought I'd share...

Friday: We needed to buy a stroller, but hadn't had a chance to go searching for one yet. Ken happened to come home for lunch and so we planned to go for a little walk to get the kids out and get some fresh air. As we were getting ready, Ken happened to look out of the living room windows and saw that across the street at a little thrift store named "Angel's Thrift Shop" there were 2 strollers out in front on display. Pretty good we thought, so we went to check it out. The stroller we had our eye on was a little Combi umbrella stroller that looked brand-spanking new, but had no price tag. So we went inside to inquire. You'd have to see the shop owner to believe me, but he is the nicest, friendliest, most well dressed eccentric guy I've met. If you've ever watched True Blood (a name that is quite fitting for our experience there, as you will see next), Laffayette would be the closest I could come to describing him. We had a nice little chat about Canada, snow and the array of punch bowls he had for sale perfect for Superbowl Sunday. He said the stroller was $5. Nice! Sure beat the $20 we would have spent at Target. We bought it and off we went. Because I am a clean freak and obsessed with hand cleanliness, I had my travel bottle of sanitizer with me. So I cleaned off the handles and the buckle, good for the moment, and the rest would get cleaned when we got back home. It wasn't until later, once Maddie had already sat in it for a bit that we noticed a small, odd stain on the back part of the fabric. Ummmm...what was it? On closer inspection I was shocked and disgusted to see that it really looked like blood. Yep...blood? What the? Where did that come from? OK, well, I didn't really want to go down that train of thought, but I did, and what I found there wasn't too pleasing so I stopped thinking about it. Anyways, I know many would have thrown it away, but ummm, we didn't. I mean it only looked like blood, maybe it really wasn't. And it was too good a steal! I mean, the wheels didn't even have a speck of dirt on them! Back at the apartment, I cleaned it really well with my oxygen bleach and my awesome Seventh Generation Disinfectant Wipes (which I am ticked I have not yet seen back home!!!). I'm happy to say it looks brand new and no more stains resembling blood appear anywhere. From this point onward I give you permission to make fun of this event...and you may call the stroller by it's name, "O Neg".

Saturday: Our first weekend day here was also the first sunny day we've had. At 7am when we woke up, the sky was so clear. Maddie, unfortunately, had been up super late (I gave her some kiddie decongestant and I think it made her hyper!), so she was a bit groggy. But she was still determined to go to the zoo, as we had said we were going to go. So we packed snacks, water and dressed in layers (it was still cool, but we knew it would warm up) and headed out. The Houston Zoo is walking distance from here and we now had a stroller to help us out. Ken carried Isaac and I pushed Maddie so we got there pretty quick. What a place! I hadn't been to a zoo in such a long time, I think I was just as excited as Maddie! We saw sea lions, elephants, giraffes, tigers, lions, meerkats, tropical birds and cheetahs...not even half of the animals that live there! The sea lions did a show and Maddie and Isaac were enthralled! I was too! We also got to see the baby elephant (not so little though) get a bath. Maddie and I also rode on the carousel and boy oh boy it truly was magical to see her little face! She was so excited and had so much fun. By noon we were all pooped and we headed back home for lunch and a nap. But we are going back because we bought a pass and are going to take full advantage of it!

Sunday: The day dawned cloudy and cold. Booo. Maddie also woke up coughing more and her voice half gone. So we decided to stay in and recoup. I took the opportunity to clean the apartment. It really does feel weird to be "on vacation" but still have to do laundry, clean bathrooms and cook. Hahaha! But at least we are away from the cold and snow. On a sidenote, Isaac's eczema is MUCH better, whether it be because of the warmish temperatures or partly due to it, I am so happy. I also have to send a shout-out major THANK YOU to my friend Taryn for telling me about Rocky Mountain Soap Company's Body Butter. It really has done wonders for his dry, rashy skin. OK, back to Sunday. Well, being Superbowl Sunday and all, we decided to go out and finally make it to Whole Foods to buy some snacks and other foodstuffs. The cab we called for took forever, and it was only after a second call that one came (we're not having too much luck with cabs so far!). The driver was super friendly though and made the ride pleasant. Isaac slept in his carseat and stayed asleep when we arrived (Maddie stayed home with my mom). My first impression of Whole Foods was that it looked a lot like Pete's Frootique, but with more stuff. Needless to say I loved it and wanted to buy everything we can't/don't get back home! But I resisted and we got only what we needed, well mostly (we did splurge on some treats...). All the staff were amazingly helpful and friendly and the cab they called for us arrived within 5 minutes. Back at home we didn't do too much in the afternoon. Ken and the kids watched the pre-game show for a while and then it was bath/bedtime. I fell in love with Ken all over again because when bath time arrived, he promptly got them ready and in the tub. When my mom offered to bathe them (I was cleaning the case you were wondering..hehehe) he said, "It's only a game, I would much rather spend time with my chillins!" Oooh yah, that's the man I married! (Love ya babe!)

Well, as I am typing, the Saints are celebrating and I can't say how happy I am that they won! After everything they've been through, it's nice to see New Orleans get a win like this. The Patriots are our team, but well, they didn't make it, so well, there you go.

Well, I'm off to get ready for bed. If tonight's going to be anything like the last few nights, I am going to appreciate going to bed early to get what sleep I can get.

Hope everyone had a fun Superbowl Sunday (sorry Colts' fans, but don't feel too bad, I'm sure they haven't forgotten their sweet superbowl victory from not too long ago)!!!


  1. Your little side note made me kindah laugh.Yeah we were sad Colts lost, but it was a good game so we weren't bitter about it.

    Oh don't you just love the sun and the warm weather.Hope Maddie feels better now.And enjoy Texas while you can before you go back to cold Canada.

  2. I'm so glad Isaac's skin is doing better. I love that stuff, and I'm already on my second Belly Butter...another amazing product for when your next blessing comes along! :)
    ps. Love the story of "O Neg" - too funny!
    pps. I think the offical houshold position re: Super Bowl is 'No Comment', so I shall be a good wife say nothing. ;)


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