Sunday, February 21, 2010

Run baby run...

Last night I realized I have had enough. Every night I am exhausted, but yet I just can't seem to fall asleep easily. My eyes burn with tiredness, but my body is restless. So very restless. I feel like I have to take off and run until I can't run anymore. For me this means I need to get back into exercising. Not just taking walks or running after kids all day. Real exercise. Hard core. The kind that leaves you sweaty, exhausted, out of breath but feeling so alive! I used to be in such good shape when I was younger. I am also in denial. I think I am still in good shape, but really I am in so-so good shape. Haha! Because I am somewhat still in good shape, this is the time to get back into a good exercise routine without it causing too much pain and effort. Now the tricky part will be how to fit it into my limited free time schedule. I think I will start off by starting to run every morning (possibly before Ken goes to work...eeeks that will be early!!!) and then doing some yoga in the evenings once the kiddos are asleep. I am also thinking of maybe joining the gym again (I sure do love their fitness classes!), but we will have to see if I can afford to spend money on that.

So to kick off my new routine, I went for a run on the treadmill this morning and it felt good! And I was very pleased to see that I was able to run without getting winded for a decent amount of time. I guess I'm not as rusty as I thought! Hopefully I will sleep well tonight!

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  1. Good luck girl.I stopped doing my morning walk the past week.I have been so busy doing errands.But I am hoping to start again this week.Part of it was just my laziness.ughh.sometimes I hate myself for not loving exercise.


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