Thursday, March 25, 2010

The beginning of the end...

Sheesh. Just when you pull yourself out from the trenches, something grabs your ankles and pulls you back down. I remember this happening with Maddie too, but maybe it's a bit more intense with Isaac. He has now started moving around in his crib so much that he gets himself "stuck" in certain positions and he cries out and sometimes wakes up. This also disrupts my sleep. He is also starting to want to sit up on his own. He is actually really close to accomplishing it! But the downside is that he tries to "practice" all.the.time. As soon as you lay him down anywhere (for diaper changes, or to go to sleep for example) he immediately crunches his abs and tries to pull himself up. Tonight he even did this with eyes closed. Haha. It's the beginning of his mobility and the end of the easy baby stage. Soon he will be moving all over the place and giving me heart attacks on a daily basis, I'm sure. Oh the joys of being a baby. I really do feel for them, they go through so much in their first couple years, it can be pretty traumatic. Birth, growth spurts, colic, gas pains, teeth, gaining mobility, learning words, separation anxiety, etc, etc. And for sure I feel bad for parents who also go through a lot. Especially the sleep deprivation part. I know I say this again and again (mostly to remind myself to get through the rough patches), but you have to enjoy it because they grow up way too fast.

P.S. I still can't believe my conversation with Maddie the other day. I feel like every day my little girl loses a little bit of her "little-ness" and replaces it with "grown-up-ness"...sniff...sniff

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  1. Aaaah, I hear yeah and feel yeah sistah. Gosh they do grow way too fast, I am not ready for it. But I do love all the new things that my little guy do. This aspect of parenthood always gives me a mix feelings.


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