Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flowers & Mint

Our tulips are finally blooming! They are just lovely. On closer inspection we discovered that what looked to be some kind of weed, is actually mint growing in and among the tulips. I guess the soil from last year's garden (that was mixed in with the flower bed soil) had mint seeds from the one and only mint plant we had last year. I am happy about this because now I have a fresh source for culinary mint!


  1. Aww! These are beautiful pictures! Maddie looks like such a big girl now!! Love the garden! :)

  2. Beautiful garden.. Mint.. well I much like you was excited when I found mint in my garden until I discovered it spreads and kills everything in its path. The best place to put mint is in a pot! ;) The roots are long and it can strangle the roots of other plants around it. It will also spread... when I sold my old house the backyard was overrun with mint. Hubby made me promise to never ever put mint in the ground again. We were forever pulling it out of the lawn etc... I hope you don't have the same issues and your garden with all those beautiful flowers and children continue to blossom :)

  3. Ahhh! Shellie I did not know that! Haha! I did wonder why the mint had grown there even though the plant it came from was dead and gone! Crazy! I will tell hubby about this and we may have to pull it out before it causes too much damage. Thanks! Hope you are well!


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