Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the kitchen...

For my first official post I thought I'd ask some questions I've been pondering recently. If you feel inclined to answer I'd love to hear your answers!

The other day I was cooking, well chopping mushrooms to be precise and one fell to the floor. I couldn't pick it up right away, but when I did I held it in my hand and wondered, what do other people do in this situation? Do they use it as is? Do they wash it first and then use it? Do they just eat it right then and there as a little while-cooking snack? Do they toss it?

Then today I was chopping green onions and when I got to the green part the chopping became harder and the shoots didn't cut up as nicely as the white part of the stalk. Then I wondered, what do people do here? Do they use the whole stalk? Only the white part? Only the green part?

Lastly, when I was washing my dishes tonight (well, the ones that don't go in the dishwasher) I realized that the way I wash my dishes is the way my mom does and her mom does. Funny how a thing like washing dishes gets passed down like that. Anyways, I wondered how do others wash their dishes? Do they fill up the sink and add soap? Do they have a container with soap and water and a sponge? Do they have a scrubby sponge with a soap dispenser? The options are endless!

I know, I'm weird to think these things, but human behaviour interests me! I guess those four years of undergrad in psych have to count for something!

For those that are interested this is what I did/do:
-Rinsed and cooked it along with the other ones
-Used both white and green parts, but realized that the green parts are more stringy and maybe next time will use only the white and part of the green parts up until it gets stringy to chop).
-I have a small stainless steel bowl that I fill with water and dishsoap and use that with my trusty sponge to wash the dishes.


  1. Hi Kreit, I do almost exactly as you!. If the mushrooms will go in a salad (i.e uncooked) I would have probably wash it and eat it myself. However, if they were to be cooked I would just put it back!
    In the spring onions ( I love them, by the way!) I use the white bits but also part of the greens, usually up to the place where they start to split a lot.
    Lastly but not least, I have a liquid soap dispenser (just like the one for the toilet) and a sponge. I found this to be really the best way to keep the sink and the sponge clean.
    Oh! and by the way I like the new look of your blog!. Keep blogging about little Isaac. You need to make a movie about him, he will wonder when he is older that how come his sister got two movies and he didn't. Plus! it is enjoyable to all of us to see your little Isaac in action (that's really the reason, hehehe).

  2. That is so interesting Kat! I do the same thing you do... rinse and use. And it's funny, I never thought about it either but I was dishes the same way as all the women in my family too. Squirt soap into my sponge, scrub and rinse each dish. I leave a small trickle of water running while I'm doing it since there's only ever 2 dishes at a time. And green onions are my favorite! I'll put them on anything, but it's funny I actually use only the green and that's all I really like. To avoid waste I'll cut a few sections of the white, but I like the flavour in the green area way better. Thanks for posting this! Love the new blog layout! It's cute!

  3. It's so funny that you asked these questions! Just the other day, my 2 year old dropped something on the floor (can't remember what it was right now) and I did just pick it right back up and put it on her plate! And I thought, "I should write a blog asking what other people do!" But with that being said...if I am going to cook the thing that i drop...I'll almost always use it.

    If the object that I drop is already wet and/or mushy....probably not going to use it! If it's har...like an m&M or skittle...you betcha we'll eat it!

    For the onions....I usually only use the green part. Don't really have a good reason as to why, though. I like the flavor?

    With my breastfeeding pump gear....I fill up one side of the sink with really really hot water and soap...let them soak...then scrub them with a scrub brush that is for baby-related items only!

    For all other dishes....I have a motto in my house "If it doesn't go in the dishwasher...it doens't go in my house!" Ha! But seriously....I usually use a rag with soap....or I have another scrub brush that I use....all with REALLY hot water!

    Sorry to have written a novel here! :)


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