Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some days you just need chocolate (or a tequila...)

I need a break, I'm losing my mind. Both of my kids are sick. This means there is very little sleep and a lot of crying happening around here. We've been taking echinacea, Vit C, Vit D and Cold FX (only for me and Ken) in the hopes of fighting this off. So far I am feeling drained, not quite sick, but on the verge, my body is sure putting up a struggle against this icky virus. Maddie is doing better, but still coughing. Isaac on the other hand has got it the worst. He is teething (getting either an "I" tooth or the one right next to it...weird tooth to get after the front bottom 2), has a stuffed up nose and an awful, awful cough. He won't nurse, he won't let me cuddle or rock him, he has a hard time keeping his soother, he won't sleep but he's exhausted. All this adds up to create one very unhappy 9 month old and one very tired, exasperated, cranky, impatient and upset mama. What to do? He's been up since 6am, refused to nap (or better said could not go to sleep) at 8, 9, 10...even with Tylenol, nose suctioning, teething tablets...Oh.My.God. I'm losing my mind. It is now 11am. After having him refuse to nurse and arch his back as I tried to rock him yet again, I put him in his crib, gave him Motrin, sang him a song, rubbed his back, provided soothers within reach and prayed for sleep. He did close his eyes, but he kept swatting my hands away...I got the feeling like he was telling me to shoo, get lost, saying "Mom, you are crowding my space..." Sigh. I left the room and of course he cried. So in I went again. I gave him his soother and this time he did drift off. I left after a few minutes and he stayed calm and quiet. I got downstairs went for the cupboard with all the chocolate (I'm stressed, can you tell!?) and I heard him start crying. But just as I was about to set foot on the first step up, he stopped. Well, we'll see what happens. Hopefully he will sleep because he so needs it and I need to not hear him screaming for a bit.

I just hope this nasty cold is gone, gone, gone very soon. I hate it when they get sick.

Update: He slept for 40 mins. Uggg. It's going to be a looong, horrible day.

Update 2: When I went in to pick him up he smiled at me and started babbling away. I realized it was only my view of this situation that is making it seem awful and horrible. To him there is really nothing wrong. Sure he feels crappy, but he doesn't know that word or what it means. All he knows is something is different but it doesn't make him any less happy to see me. OK, time to change things up and put a smile on my face because I really am blessed to only have to worry about a little cold and not something more serious!


  1. WOW! You really are a huge inspiration to other mom's Kat. I have no idea how you do everything you do always with a smile on your face!! You family is definitely blessed to have you as their wife and mommy. :) I hope Issac starts feeling better soon!!

  2. ...and I'm hoping you got to have some of that chocolate!! Feel better soon everyone! =)


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