Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is it a boy thing?

At almost 10 months, Isaac has already had more accidents and falls than Maddie did in her first 2 years! And I swear it's not because we don't watch him! A few days ago, he beat me to the stairs (which of course didn't have the gate closed as I was bringing up laundry) and fell down the first couple to the first landing (thank goodness that's as far as he went!). I called out "Isaac, no!" But of course this made him speed up and I couldn't get to him in time. He's fallen backwards (and forwards) on his head/face more than a handful of times. He's gotten his fingers smushed in drawers. And last night he fell backwards in the tub. I of course was right there to catch him and the water was not deep, but he still got a little scare. And so did I. Sheesh, it's like this boy has no fear and no sense of being careful. He just goes for it without looking!

He is way more adventurous and more of a risk taker than Maddie ever was at this age. Also, he isn't wary of new things, he goes right for stuff and touches everything. I remember having to babyproof very little when Maddie was small, she just never had any interest in grabbing things that were dangerous or off limits. She also responded very well to our warnings. But not Isaac. He finds anything dangerous very exciting and if we say, "Don't touch, Danger, Ouchie" He of course finds it even more appealing.

I am pretty sure it's a boy thing. I shudder a bit to think of what's to come with my little daredevil.

When we play he smacks things, throws toys, yells, bites and well, acts like a boy (he can also be very engaged and careful and does share...most times). But still, I think teaching manners to this little guy will be a full time job.

I also see some serious babyproofing happening in this house. And by serious, I mean beyond the basics of stairs, doors, drawers, electrical outlets, etc....

But from what I've heard from my friends with boys, this may not even be enough to keep them out of trouble!

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  1. O dear you have a little wild child! Wonder where he gets that from?! No fear eh? Too adorable but scary for poor mommy. See how young they are when they become adventurous? Sounds like you are gonna have a little sky diving, bungee jumping thrill seeker! My niece is like that too.. no fear loves rides and stuff most kids wouldn't. If nothing else Kat it will make for some great blog posts! :)


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