Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Update

It feels like summer is here! Oh how I love summer. Life has been busy in a good way. I have been spending my free time playing with the kiddos, doing lessons with Maddie and being outside! The weather has been so nice that I just can't help but want to be outside. Recently, I am just not that interested in going online, but I hope to at least get on to post.

Our garden is doing so well. Ken has been working very hard and it's showing. I am so proud of him and so happy that it's working out well. We have already had some freshly picked radishes and they are yummy! There are pictures on the garden blog if you want to see the progress. One of the reasons we wanted to grow a garden was to get Maddie involved so she could see where food comes from. This is working out wonderfully. She has really taken an interest in gardening with Ken and she has helped dig, shovel dirt, plant seeds, water and harvest. It's so cute and so rewarding to see her experiencing it. They say that when kiddos are involved in growing their food that they are more keen to eat it. This is partly true in our case. Maddie will try things but for the most part she won't actually eat it. We will keep on working on our selective little eater.

Isaac is doing great. Now that the hand, foot and mouth disease has run it's course he is in better spirits. He is pulling up to stand on anything he can and today he even got on leg up on the stairs. A few times he has stood without holding on to anything for a few seconds at a time. I wonder when he'll take off walking. I'm in no hurry for that, really! Today he also did the funniest thing. He was sitting on his bum and started going around in circles as he bobbed his head up and down. Of course because we all laughed he did it over and over. It was hilarious!

Tonight there was a thunder and lightning storm and Maddie was very impressed with it. She kept looking at the sky and asking questions about what was happening. I hope that by learning about it she won't be scared.

Well, the kiddos are in bed and I think it's time to go and read and maybe get to bed early and hopefully be able to sleep uninterrupted for a few hours.

Buenas noches!

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  1. The weather here hast just been hot!
    Our garden isn't doing too well. Don't know if it has to do more with the dogs digging 1 of the tomato plants up or our lack of attention to it.
    Glad Isaac's foot and mouth is over.


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