Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Summer!

It's finally, officially here!

What did you do to celebrate the longest day of the year?

Here in our neck of the woods, the day started out overcast, but warm. We had Maddie's dentist appointment and then went for a walk to the playground where we played and chatted with another neighborhood mom who has two kiddos the same age as mine (Isaac and her little boy have birthdays 3 days apart). It was nice to make a new friend, we plan to hang out more since she is officially now a stay at home mom like me! It was a good morning, despite the fact that Isaac did not nap at all during the morning, even though he desperately needed it.

The afternoon included a nap for everyone. Maddie slept great, but Isaac and in turn me, did not get a good nap. He is sick again, surprise, surprise. This time it's another cold, with a nasty, nasty cough. So of course he couldn't breathe clearly and his cough kept making him stir and eventually he woke up. Alas. I played in bed with him for a few minutes since he was happy and acting all cute. Then we came down and I started cooking supper while he played and Maddie finished her nap.

Once Ken got home we ate and I went out to my yoga class. I hate to admit it, but I couldn't get out of the house fast enough! I desperately needed some reprieve from the whining and crying and of getting my legs and shoulders bitten (yes, Isaac bites...only me for some reason). My class was awesome. We did sun salutations to welcome summer and I certainly worked every muscle in my body. When I got home I was refreshed, recharged and I was ready for anything that was in store for me. Which, consequently included Ken being gone (he's on call), a difficult bedtime for Isaac, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, laundry and more dealings with Isaac...we are in for a long night I think.

But it's OK. It's summer!!!

And I get to look forward to spending it with these two cuties (crying, sickness and all!!!)...

Eating cherries for breakfast (hence the mess and pink face!) and playing phone with this sippy cup

All dressed up!

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