Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am seriously going bonkers. I am drained.

When for the umpteenth time I go and dig Isaac out of a garbage can or to take his little hands out of the toilet bowl water or catch him from slipping on the wet floor after he's tipped the dog bowl over...what can I do? I want to put him in a playpen or his exersaucer, but he'd just climb out and injure himself, probably seriously. I could have a barebones house, but really who would that help. It would only drive me more bananas. And he would just find something to get himself into or onto. So I just have to keep him safe from the imminent dangers (like stairs, bookcases, sharp objects, things he shouldn't eat...) and let him roam around; hopefully he'll learn from trial and error: hey, trying to crawl on a wet floor = fat lip.


This having a boy (well, a high energy, non-fearing, daring, curious, mischievous boy. Are all boys like this?) is more tricky than I could have imagined. I dare not think about how much more crazy he's going to get. Or do they calm down as they get older. Ha. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

If you're out there and reading this and have survived boyhood please share how you did it. Please.


  1. Boys are precious. I have one that sounds just like yours. Exhausting, but precious... I am still in survival mode so I can't really tell you how to survive, just hope that you survive to tell the story along with me!

  2. My younger daughter is very much like a boy. We used to joke that she was the son we never had. And then we had a son. So now we have two kids with 'boy' personalities -high energy, inquisitive, LOUD, rough an tumble.

    All I can say is I am so very tired but like your blog title, loving {almost} every moment. ;)

  3. I have three boys, it doesn't really get any better, you will just learn to cope better. It sounds awful, but I have always said, "If I hear a big boom and then no noise, either everyone is okay or someone is out cold". When it comes to the climbing and adventure, sometimes you just have to cover your eyes with your hands and let them be, natural consequences are a great teacher and you are the hero b/c you are always there to comfort them when they fall:)

  4. LOL!! I think Robert is/was WAY easier than Emily in that respect. What you described is Emily to a T! Oh well, you just grin & bare it. Put up lots of baby gates & cupboard locks! ;)

  5. i think i'm learning my son is also going to be the same way. into everything and always with a smile. drives you nuts but they make it so hard to stay frustrated when they give that little grin! lol! sounds like you are ahead of me a bit so i'll have to take pointers from you! lol! good luck! i hear you on the bare bones house thing! i can't do it! they just have to learn!


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