Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Belly daydreams

I have serious pregnancy-envy. Not in a bad way cause it's my friends who are announcing their conception news. I am most definitely over-the-moon happy for them and I'm excited to see their bellies grow. But whenever I hear of a new pregnancy I remember mine and I am reminded that I miss being pregnant. I really do love pregnancy. Even right after I had both of my kiddos, despite all the drama and trauma, I missed my belly and their little kicks and wiggles and mostly that feeling of having them all to myself.

I fear that I will always feel this way. That I will always want to be pregnant; that I will never be sure I am done having babies, even when I am done.

Maybe I should seek the help of a therapist?

Or maybe I should just get pregnant? Just one more time.

If only it were that easy. For me.


  1. I believe that you'll know when you're done and if you don't feel it, you're not really done. I truly believe the universe just tells you, and it's something you can feel... I think it's the same thing that compells some women to desperately want children and some to not want to be bothered with it at all. And I wouldn't let the uphill battles you've faced before be a deterant... Just think, if you had that thought before, you'd never have Issac. :) Who knows what little wonderous beings are still just waiting to enter your life!


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