Friday, September 10, 2010

Hell Week

One of many and I'm sure not the last.

When they kiddos get sick it's bound to be bad; day, night and anytime in between. We had such a great week away {which I promise I will post about VERY soon} and now we are all sick with colds. I probably picked something up on the plane and have managed to pass it along to the kiddos.

Last night was just horrid. Isaac was up sleeping on and off {mostly off} until 2am, when finally after me telling him to do it for hours, Ken brought him into bed with us where he slept soundly until 7am. The sleeping part was good, the early wake-up after a crappy night was not so good. Thankfully, and I mean PRAISE-THE-HEAVENS-HALLELUJAH, my wonderful mother happened to call and offered to come over, when she heard my near-death voice, and watch him while me and Maddie continued to sleep. And that is the only reason I feel human today and able to blog instead of passing out in a coma while the kiddos sleep. I just love my mom.

I just came back from helping Isaac go back to sleep after he woke himself up by coughing. Why do colds have to go right to his lungs? Sheesh.

Incidentally, he also just nursed {for a wee tiny bit} for the first time in WEEKS {oh, well he did nurse for a smidgen while we were in Mexico too}. It's nice to still be able to comfort him when nothing else can.

And on that note I may decide, after all, to pass out in a coma for even just a few minutes. If I'm due for another hell night, I figure I might as well sleep while I can.

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  1. Aww, Good luck tonite Kat. I hope it goes better tonite. That's so great that you have your mom to come over and help. That is fantastic!! :)


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