Friday, September 24, 2010

My phantom limbs

I am sitting in a restaurant, eating breakfast. Far from home. All alone. We (as in me and Ken) are in this lovely ocean side Maritime city for 2 days. He's working and I'm scoping the land. Both of us are getting wine and dined, wooed by the community of local ophthalmologists. They want Ken to come work here when he's done.

The idea sounds exciting. I've always enjoyed moving to a new place {but that's probably because I've never moved somewhere totally awful}. So that's why we are here. To see what it's like, well for me to see. Ken has been here several times before {and me just one time for 2 days in the middle of dark dreary wintertime}. So far I like it. I like the vibe. And I like that it's not far from where we call home today.

What I don't like is this feeling like I'm missing something. The appendages I am most attached to, the ones I hold most dear are missing, but I feel like they should still be there. I'm talking about my kiddos. Every minute I catch myself thinking about them, or that they would like to see this, that or the other, about things they might say or do. I have so much free time, I find myself at a loss for what to do. I miss them {greatly}.

But I will be home tonight and I will smother them with love.


  1. Aww... This is very sweet. One of my favorite quotations is "Deciding to be a mother is deciding forever to have your heart go walking around outside of your body." This reminded me of that. Very sweet.

  2. It's funny how sometimes we crave a little time away from our kids and as soon as we have it we can't think of anything else but how quickly we can be back with them.


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