Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh the smells of a bakery...

I would love to sink my teeth into a soft, delicious chocolate croissant right now. I walked by the bakery the other day and the smell of baking goodies was overwhelming. Today I wanted a snack and thought a bread with peanut butter and honey would hit the spot...alas I can't have bread. Why? Because although Isaac has weaned and I could technically eat wheat again, I now also suffer excruciating stomach pains and awful digestive disruptions if wheat enters my system. How sad. I wonder if this is something that I've always been sensitive to? Or is it something that if you don't eat for a while your body no longer tolerates and needs to get accustomed to again?

Will I now always be wheat intolerant!?!?

If I am going to be, I will be OK with it, after all who wants to live with chronic tummy pain and digestive disruptions!? But a little part of me will always miss delicious, soft, non-crumbly chock-full-of-wheat bread.


  1. Mmm this is something that terrifies me about pregnancy. Ofcourse I'll give it up if I have to for my baby, but I am such a bread junkie... I hope your tolerance comes back!

  2. Let it be known, if you must ingest one chocolate croissant a week to regain tolerance. I, Mrs.T Boutilier, will ingest one with you!! ;)


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