Sunday, November 14, 2010

Old Habits Die...{Hard?}

I did not mean my post about my personal development journey to be so mysterious. I honestly just didn't have the right words to describe it at the time. It's simple, but at the same time, it's not. I think it was one of those things I was excited about, but I wanted to keep it to myself just for a little while. But now I'm ready and excited to share it. Where it all started is that I found myself being pushed down a certain path by the Universe {Life, God, All of the above?} and I just couldn't ignore it anymore. I kept finding myself in situations where I was being asked for help, advice, or even just to listen. This came not just from others, but also from me. Yes, I was asking myself for advice. But often I felt I needed a better toolkit to be able to help.

A long time ago I had come across a card at my Naturopath's office advertising a Life Coaching Training Program. At the time I had brushed it aside, but the idea apparently gained a life of it's own and decided to hang around in my brain until such a time arose where it would be appropriate to re-visit this possibility. And because Life had a plan, this time did come. It was actually about 2am on a certain sleepless night. It was not because of Isaac that I wasn't sleeping, he happened to be behaving like a darling on that particular night...and I think that's why I wasn't sleeping. I was also having crazy out of control thoughts running through my head. I finally yelled (in my head of course), "Enough!" It was then that the words Life Coach appeared on the now quiet, blank canvass of my brain. "Well, then, what's this about?" I asked myself. So I considered it, but not too much because the decision was simple and deep down I knew it was already made. When I investigated further I discovered that the course schedule was more than ideal, I had the money {well, Ken did but hey, what's mine is his and vice versa right!} and Ken wasn't on call on any of the days I would be away, so child care would not even be an issue. Was it meant to be or what? So yeah, that's how I began this current journey. Oh, which I forgot to say is also complemented by my recently rekindled love affair with Yoga. This particular type of Life Coaching is so up my alley it makes me laugh happily at how more-than-perfect it fits me. And the teacher is just amazing, truly inspiring {we actually met a long time ago, when I was in University}. It's not to say it isn't hard though. It's actually proving to be a very deep and dig-down-to-the-core-of-your-soul type of journey. Because how can you help others if you have not helped and truly understand yourself? {If you're wondering what a Life Coach does...well, they do lots. But mostly they help people get in tune with themselves so they can reach their ultimate potential and happiness in whatever they are striving to do, whether it's personal, professional or both...a Life Coach can help}.

So I am not entirely sure what will result from all this {as in, if I will be opening up shop as a Life Coach?}, but all I know is that I am meant to be doing this course and I know it will only make me a better person. And isn't that something we all want?

And to conclude and explain my post title I will say that one of the exercises we have to do for the course is to find something about ourselves that we would like to change. Perhaps it's something we do, something we don't do, a bad get the point. Some of these things are so ingrained into our way of being that we just can't imagine changing. After all there is that old saying perpetuating the notion that "Old Habits, Die Hard" and many of us add the "if at all" bit. Well the truth is that we can change. It takes time, and yes sometimes it's hard, but it's possible. So I have to come up with a plan and put it into place to change that thing about myself. It's kind of like a science experiment with a psychological, neuroscience, coaching twist.

There is much to be gained from achieving positive change. Even if it's small. So if you have something you want to change, do something about it! And if you need help along the way don't be afraid to ask for it. After all, a little guidance {of the right kind, of course} never hurt anyone.

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  1. Congrats Kat! It does make perfect sense to me that you would become a Life Coach! You already are my go to girl! ;)


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