Monday, October 4, 2010

Without my Mei Tai...

This post was written to promote awareness about the benefits and safety of babywearing. For more info check out Adventures in Babywearing where Steph has asked babywearers to unite against the recent warnings from the CPSC against baby carriers.

Without my Mei Tai I would have lost my sanity. My son was a very high needs, gassy baby, who cried all.the.time. But if he was carried he was happy. And so was I. When I was trying to get pregnant I bought a BabyHawk Mei Tai from Nurtured. I knew the actual baby was not yet on the way, but it was one way I could call to the universe to say that I was ready. A couple of months after my purchase the baby was on the way.

And when he arrived my world turned topsy turvy because although I had already been through one infancy period, I had not been through one with a little boy like Isaac. He was a very intense little boy. And the only way we could keep him happy was to hold him. And the only way he would sleep for longer than 20 minutes was to hold him. So we did. I even learned to breastfeed in the Mei Tai {and was darn proud of myself that I figured that out because I had always wondered how the heck you could do that!}.

Me and Isaac at the Houston Zoo {in the Mei Tai}

With my daughter I didn't babywear too much. Partly because she didn't like the sling {and I didn't pursue trying out other carriers} and partly because I only had one baby and I didn't mind carrying her and devoting all my attention to her. Yes, it's true that babywearing would have made my life easier at times, but she was happy to sit down and watch me do stuff. But when baby Isaac arrived, I did not have the luxury to spend and devote all my time and attention to him, so into the Mei Tai he went. And he liked it and thrived in there. I then had 2 hands to do stuff that needed getting done, I could look after and keep my 3 year old entertained, all while still bonding and providing comfort and reassurance to my infant.

When he got unbearably heavy (at around 7 months) we got a Beco Butterfly carrier and grew to love it too. {But, please note that even heavy babies can be worn in Mei Tai's. However, for us it was more comfy to get a carrier with better shoulder support. Plus it was an excuse to get a new carrier! I am hooked I tell you!}.

To this day he gets in there when we go for walks, when he's fussy, cranky or I just need a baby-free zone {like when I'm cooking}.

Ken and Isaac Gardening (in the Beco)

Babywearing is safe but most importantly it's essential. It enhances bonding, it provides the ideal learning environment for babies {who learns anything when mostly all they can see are feet!?}, it keeps babies happy, and moms and dads feel the freedom to do things because babies can sleep or be content {as in not screaming} while carried. You can even go on vacations, on hikes, visit busy markets...pretty much do anything and know your baby will be happy, safe and entertained {or get much needed rest, if that's what baby wants}.

I now proclaim the benefits of babywearing to anyone who asks me about it and I hope Isaac keeps enjoying being worn for a long time yet. I have lent out my Mei Tai to a family member who's just had a baby and hope she gets just as much out of it as we did.


  1. He'll love it for a long time to come I think. Emily still picks up my Beco & asks to go in it. Enjoy!! So thankful for my Beco! ;)

  2. This is a great post! This recent press against baby-wearing which is based on no facts is really getting irritating. And (as you know) I'm a huge fan of prepping for baby while trying and putting it out there for the universe. That made me smile. :) Thanks Kat!

  3. Mei tais are my fave. And yes- I do believe babywearing is essential!! :)


  4. I'll admit I had trouble getting on board with it for either of the girls but I discovered it wasn't me who hated it - it was them. But Connor loved being in it so I wore him as often as my back would allow. And I loved it!

  5. I am with you! My two most favorite carriers for 4 months and up is Mei Tai and Beco. Yes, babies can be worn in them very safely at younger ages but I prefer the moby and ring sling when baby is itty bitty :)

    Love that first photo! It is soooo sweet!


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