Saturday, November 6, 2010

The dirt under my nails

I always seem to have some kind of unknown substance under my fingernails at any given point. I have become aware of this in the last few months and have made a point to make sure my nails are clean. They used to always be clean, I didn't have to do anything other than be the regular clean freak that I am normally to keep them clean. But now even that's not enough.

What has changed recently?

A little boy is now in my life.

An active, oh so active, little boy.

A little boy that loves to get dirty.

Anything messy or that has the potential to get messy calls to him and he answers. With delight.

And of course he hates anything that has been invented to try to keep little boys clean and somewhat orderly.

Of course. But he's so happy.

This gusto for life that I am seeing in my boy is energizing, but paradoxically, very draining.

I am thinking of mamas with more than one boy and wondering how they do it.

How do you do it...?

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