Thursday, November 4, 2010

A New Favorite

A couple of weeks ago Maddie asked me to buy her some "yogurt drinks" because she's seen a couple of little girls have them after her swimming lesson. I remember drinking those yogurt drinks {you know what I'm talking about} on occasion when I was a kid. But I also remember my mom used to give them to us hesitantly. I would soon find out why. On our next trip to the store I checked them out. And they are FULL of sugar. More sugar than yogurt I'm sure. But I didn't want to take away the experience of drinking yogurt from Maddie so while we were in the Natural Foods section I remembered that I'd seen a yogurt delivery truck a few days ago drive by with a big picture of a person drinking yogurt. But it's called Kefir. Now I know I have heard and read about Kefir before, in fact I think even my mom had mentioned it before, but of course it didn't stick because I hadn't needed the information at the time. But it all came back to me and I bought some. It's quite delicious. I bought a plain and a strawberry and I mix half and half in a cup for Maddie and she drinks it up. And it's healthy so I don't feel guilty {what is it with the guilt anyways!?}.

All that's left after a minute is her cute little Kefir moustache.

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  1. Hola Kreit. Ahora que lei tu ultimo post se me ocurrio sugerirte, por que no haces tu propio yogurth?? Ese es el mas barato y saludable de todos!! y ademas es super facil! Yo lo he intentado ( bueno, solo una vez) y no quedo tan mal. :) Besos, Cintia


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