Monday, January 10, 2011

A {surprise} party

At some point in early December I began planning a party. For Ken's 30th birthday. I always knew I would make the big three oh special in some way. So I decided it would be a surprise party. I had no idea if it would work out, after all planning a party with a very perceptive 4 year old around who might spill the beans would be tricky.

I made the guest list.

I booked the restaurant {Ken's favorite}.

Ordered the cake.

And then waited.

Near the time some final details had to be arranged. The menu, the pickup of the cake. And I have to say that the owner of the restaurant is amazing and so accommodating, she even made us a special order of wheat free dishes. And the cake was divine, also wheat free.

Of course it wouldn't be truly exciting without snow. Yesterday morning it started snowing and it didn't stop. All day. I was at my course and I kept looking out the window and hoping for the best.

But us Maritimers don't get phased by snow.

Everyone was there despite the slush and ice and unplowed streets.

When we arrived Ken was genuinely surprised. He thought we would be going to dinner and just our families would be there. His friends were there too. And together it was a surprise indeed. And he got to laugh and talk and eat.

And now he is thirty. And I am so blessed to be in his life and able to wish him a

Happy Birthday!

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