Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vacation Mode Over

Minnie Mouse @ Epcot's Flower Festival
We got back from our trip to Disney on Saturday. It's back to the reality of our life here...not in vacation mode anymore. It was so nice to come home though. Do you know what I missed the most? My bed! There's nothing like sleeping in your own comfy bed. And I have to say that our bed is the most comfy bed ever. I am biased though!

The trip was a delightful blend of fun and exhaustion. You know that feeling where as soon as you sit down you can't get up? That was us every night. We did things we've never done before and realized yet again that kiddos are just so freaking amazingly adaptable. Picture us shopping at Walmart for groceries at 11:00pm. Fun times. Really, they were amazingly well behaved. That was the day we got there (we had to have something to eat the next morning!). Anyways, I want to write up more about the trip and what we did and post pictures, but at the moment I am too exhausted and need to go to bed. After a week of vacation with family, I no longer have the luxury of having 3 other adults available to help out, so I need to make sure I get my rest when I can! But I promise I will post tomorrow.

The last thing I wanted to write (because I just never want to forget the pure joy in her little face) was that tonight I laid down with Maddie to sing her a lullaby and tuck her in and the baby started wiggling and kicking, so I told Maddie to put her hands on my belly to feel her little sister. We spent almost an hour feeling her moving around. It was awesome! It was just such a wonderful bonding moment for all three of us. Needless to say, Maddie just can't wait until August!

I can though!

{I want this baby good and cooked...plus I need all the time I can get to continue to mentally prepare myself for becoming a mother of three. Eeeks}.

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