Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finally! An eco-friendly shave

For a while now I've been looking for an easy, affordable, eco-friendly option to use toothbrushes and razors.

I remember a long time ago Colgate introduced replaceable toothbrush heads. Well that didn't last.

There are of course those super fancy rechargeable razors you can get, but ummm they are pricey!

So I was kind of out of ideas.

Until yesterday.

I was shopping at The Healthy Bug, my favorite Natural Health store, and saw the Preserve razor.

They are super cool! I went to the company's website and had a browse to learn more. They use #5 plastic (so it's BPA-free) and recycle it to make products such as razors, toothbrushes, tableware, and kitchen tools. It looks as though this company has been around for a few years, so I'm really surprised I hadn't come across them before. But I'm glad I have!

I used the razor for the first time this morning and I am very pleased with it. It's triple bladed (I would never go back to anything less that that!) so it's a smooth and close shave. I got one for Ken too, he has yet to use his but I'm sure he will be pleased.

The great thing is that once you are done with the product you can mail it back to them so it can be re-recycled! They even have a program implemented where anyone can send them their #5 plastics to be recycled (this is great, especially if your city or town doesn't have a recycling program in place).

Talk about eco-friendly!

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