Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wondering How

My life has been circling around pregnancy, coughs and colds, and major life decisions. And all this is not helping the fact that time is going by way too fast.

In all honesty I have not really allowed myself to think too much about just how much my life is about to change. But there are only approx 3 months left of this pregnancy. That's not a lot of time!

Every time I find myself in the middle of managing a kiddo crises I think to myself, "How the hell am I going to manage when there's a newborn crying to be fed thrown in the mix!?"


One of my dearest friends (who is a mother of 3) assures me it will be fine and I will figure things out and the kiddos will too.

I hope so.

All I can do for now is talk to the kiddos about what sorts of things are going to change and assure them that even though there will be change, and my attention will be spread over 3 kiddos, it doesn't mean I will love them any less.

Anyways, it's good to have that off my chest.

There's a whole lot of other stuff I need to get off my chest too, but I'm out of time. I recently promised myself I would stop going to bed so late as I was not getting enough sleep {not a good thing heading into the hardest and most uncomfortable weeks of pregnancy}.

So off to bed I go!

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