Friday, September 23, 2011

Boy Trouble

I've been having boy issues.

My little boy is:
- Smacking, hitting, pinching
- Refusing to eat at meal times even though he's super hungry
- Refusing to try going pee and poo on the potty (even though he has told us he wants to go)
- Still addicted to his soothers

I believe this is the age they call the "Terrible Two's"??? What I wasn't totally prepared for was how much more intense this age would be with a boy. Or maybe it's just my boy? I dunno, I have a feeling it's partially a boy thing. But also I know he's going through a lot. His older sister started school and is no longer around for most of the day to play with him. Plus, he now has a younger sister who demands my constant attention, and he feels a bit left out. I have been spending one-on-one time with him whenever I can, but I imagine he still feels a bit jealous. He can't control any of this I think he's turning to things he can control...which are all of the things I listed above.

I know we will get through this phase of boy trouble. And I hope it's soon! In the meantime Isaac better be ready to be smothered with lots of hugs and kisses. And I better fill up my patience tank to max.


  1. Best of luck! The twos are hard, and so is transitioning to a new baby! lotsa love for your little boy....
    Plus, a request for your birth story? Pretty please? =D

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog :) I am excited to read more, but of the little I have read I see that we have many things in common. I read an old post from 2010 about wheat free eating and am wondering how your son is doing now as far as allergies. The reason I ask is because that post described my 3 year old as an infant and this post described a lot of her behaviors as a two year old. Her infant allergies erupted into childhood eczema/hives and she is currently allergic to many foods!! This has changed our life, but food allergies manifest in so many ways. Just wondering if he turned up with more and if you are still wheat free :)

  3. Melissa-Oi! I really need to write and post Elsa's birth story! I can't say when, but I promise I will soon :-)

  4. Missy-Yep, we are still eating wheat-free. I had to cut wheat out in my diet too because I was BF, and when I tried to eat it again once he had weaned, my body did not tolerate it at all! Same with my hubby (he got used to my wheat free cooking!). We think we have always been sensitive/intolerant to wheat but our body was compensating. So we don't eat it at all. We are all happy with that :-) Thankfully, Isaac has not developed/showed any other allergies. But he may have a slight sensitivity to other foods, as he still has a bit of eczema. When he was a baby, we worked with a Naturopath and she helped us a lot. He was on a medication for a few months that helped heal his gut from the damage the wheat had caused. Our ND said this would help prevent him developing allergies later on. So far this has been the case. And we are working with her to see what, if any, other foods he may be sensitive too. I also give all my family probiotics every day. This is supposed to help keep the immune system healthy and prevent autoimmune issues. Hope that helps!


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