Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Mama's {Afternoon} Prayer

Dear Universe,
I have rested here beside my baby, it has been lovely. Yet, now I am awake and baby is not, and is obvisouly not ready to wake up yet. I have things I want to do while my baby is still napping, things I need to do, actually. So please, please be on my side and help my baby stay asleep as I ever so slowly and quietly remove myself from my baby's side...step down the stairs, avoiding the creaky spots...and reach my destination. Please muffle any noises, as slight as they may be, so that my baby doesn't wake up prematurely...cause goodness knows a baby who is woken up before they are ready, is not a happy one. Also, if you could guide and steady my hand as I complete my tasks to prevent any clumsy, cumbersome movements that may result in disturbing noises, I would greatly appreciate it. Help my older kiddos to wake up calmly from their naps, as in not screaming at the top of their lungs, cause well, that's pretty loud, potentially wake-up-the-baby kind of loud. Oh and one last thing, if I may be so bold, if you could somehow stretch time out so that I am able to accomplish a lot in a little time, that would be most helpful {because I'm sure my baby will wake up before I have done all I need to do}.

Ever gratefully,


  1. This post made me sad. I beg daily for just a couple more minutes... and it's seldom for time to do something for myself like read, it's almost always things for the family, like cooking, laundry, sweeping... it doesn't seem fair that we have to beg for the time (and sometimes the energy) to accomplish what needs doing.

    I hope, if you didn't get the time you needed, you at least got a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment for all the things you did manage to get done! :)


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