Monday, February 13, 2012

My {Super} Exciting News!

I am ready and so excited to share that in December I decided to become certified as a Birth {aka Labour} Doula.

Here's how it came about...

My Certification Packet
Since becoming pregnant and giving birth to my Maddie almost 6 years ago, I have been in awe of the process of pregnancy and birth. I have pursued this passion by reading, researching and learning from others who are wise in this area. Because I am also so very passionate about parenting and have incorporated my career into this area, it was only natural that my network became filled with people interested and passionate about improving maternal and children's well-being. And I love it! I am so grateful for all the people I can interact with and collaborate with. But...I have always harboured the desire to one day become a Birth Doula. Since giving birth to Elsa 6 months ago, this desire has grown even more. I found that my birthing experience just made me really want to work towards improving women's birthing experiences, to create even more awareness about the birth process and to encourage women to trust their bodies and birth in a way that will empower them.

Well, fast forward to this past bestie is currently pregnant and due in one week with her first baby. We had been chatting a lot about pregnancy and motherhood, and I began to tell her about what I know regarding childbirth preparation. I offered to spend time with her on a regular basis talking and sharing and helping her and her hubby prepare for the birth. To my delight, she agreed! When I mentioned the benefits of having a doula present at her birth, she was not opposed to the idea, and she surprised me by asking if I would want to be present to continue my support! Needless to say I was very excited and honored. I told her about my long held dream of being a doula and she said, "Well do it now!" I thought about it and I realized that yes, I really did want to do this! So I looked into it more. I previously knew that CAPPA offered a Distance Program and when I found out more info, I knew that would be the right route for me. I applied and got accepted. So I am now officially a doula-in-training and super excited about it! I have two years to complete the process. I need three births and several other requirements (reading, research papers and essays and to pass a test) to complete the certification. Another friend and colleague of mine is due at the end of March and she has also asked me to attend her birth. I couldn't have been more thrilled! So it's all falling into place and hopefully it won't be too hard to find a third mother-to-be who is interested in having a doula and would allow me the honour of attending to her during childbirth!

My bestie's due date is nearing close and I could not be more excited and yes a bit nervous too--but not just about attending the birth, I am more nervous about leaving Elsa! I know she will be fine, but you know, a mother always worries. I have been pumping like a mad-woman and have a good ol' stash of frozen breastmilk built up.

Now, only time will tell when and how this new experience will unfold! But I have got to say I am so very excited and I do look forward to incorporating this into my niche of coaching.


  1. YAY! Congratulations on achieving your goal and JUST GOING FOR IT! You rock on, sister!

    1. Thanks Patti! It really does feel great :-)


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