Thursday, February 2, 2012

They're All Teething

We're having some fun times in our home this week. All three of the kiddos are teething. Bah...teething. I hate it! It makes for irritable, unpleasant, sleep-fighting children...and a mama who wants to drink a few glasses of wine to wash down the chocolate.

Elsa's the worst though. Poor stinker. And she is the one that affects me the most...which basically translates to no sleep. I feel a bit bad for desiring this, but I just want some time alone! And some sleep! Like right now, my only time to write and do stuff I like of the day, I 'm watching her squiggle on the monitor and I have a feeling she's going to wake up soon. I just keep saying stay asleep, over and over...maybe if I say it enough it will work? Maybe. Plus she's started to roll around so most nights she ends up kicking us or headbutting us and wakes herself up. And the worst part? She sleeps the soundest and the longest after her feed at around 6am till about 9am. WTF!? So not fair. I have to get up at 7. Fun times.

Isaac has recently cut his 2 year molars. They took forever. But the last of them is finally all cut through. He has been a pill. Whacking things, including people {i.e. Maddie mostly}, and just being so irritable. Oh and he has been waking up at 6:45am like clockwork, no matter what time he went to sleep. Not cool when you are trying to recover from a sleepless night with the other teething baby. I'm hoping for better days to come, like maybe {please!} tomorrow? I do have to say though that despite his crankiness, he is still the sweetest little boy--gives the best hugs and kisses. Oh I could kiss his cheeks forever {all their cheeks for that matter!}.

Maddie is the troopiest teether of them all. She hasn't really been complaining but she has been a bit more cranky. Whether that's from teething or being tired or whatever, I don't know. I didn't even know she was actively teething until tonight {the two teeth that fell our are both growing in nicely}. Now get this, she's hilarious! She said to me, "Mommy, I'm a teenager now!" I laughed, cause she's so cute, and said, "Why!?" "Because look, I'm getting those teeth in the very back you said teenagers get."  WHAT! So I looked and sure enough there is a ginormous 6 year molar making it's way out. I said, "Maddie you ARE getting a tooth, it's a molar!" She was really excited and said, "Oh man, it was bothering me all day and I didn't know what was going on." Could it have really cut out like that in one day! Only a corner of it is out, wow. I offered some Motrin but she said no, that she was doing alright without it. Then she proceeded to say goodnight and literally passed out. School sure tires her out!

And lo and behold, there is Elsa whining. Where is that bottle of wine {Not for her! For me, in case that wasn't clear}?

I got to her before she fully woke up. But who knows how long she'll stay asleep. The last two nights she's woken right up and stayed up till we went to bed.

Oh well. As I fully know, this too shall pass. And luckily as far as I know I have not gotten any white hairs from this teething hell phase.

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  1. Ouchies! I hope everyone feels better and you get some sleep soon!!


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