Monday, April 9, 2012

Rest Day

I originally wrote this a couple of months ago, and then forgot about it! I'm glad I found it today because I really do want to share this, as it's something important that has been happening around our home.

School is tiring for a {little} 5 year old. There are days that I know Maddie is overtired, despite having had a decent night's sleep. Plus, having her gone almost all day, 5 days of the week affects her sibling relationships. I noticed her behaviour was changing and she was cranky and irritable. So one day I kept her home. And we all enjoyed our day. So, recently we have been having "rest days". Every once in a while, I keep her home, just because. And we do low-key, fun stuff together. And her and Isaac get to play {and bond}. And her and Elsa get to cuddle.

It's great.

This week's rest day we went to the Museum of the Atlantic and had fun looking at all the boats, a giant octopus and the museum's mascot. Then after, we played on the playground for a few minutes, but it was too cold to stay long.

Then everyone had a nap. A glorious, restful, replenishing nap!

Everyone was happy after and we had a great afternoon.

I hope in doing rest days Maddie learns to listen to her body and heart...and know when she needs to slow down and replenish. I hope to keep her innate need to take it easy. Children know when to stop their activities and rest, but often in this rat-race world of full schedules, we don't encourage them to listen to that inner guide. I can see she is benefiting from these moments of low-key, family bonding activity rest days.

And I am too! I feel closer to her and we can chat and she can tell me about stuff going on at school that she might otherwise not have time to bring up.

So, I think these rest days will become a routine thing around here, nothing crazy, just a day here and there. And if her teacher ever comments on her absences I will explain my reasons and if she persists I will have to bring up the fact that she often takes rest days too!


We have had several rest days since I wrote this post, and they have continued to be calming and helpful. In all honesty, I prefer having her home than at school!!! Next year there are some important changes that will be happening in our home--with an almost 100% likelihood that homeschool is on our horizon...for sure this time. More on this later as things develop...

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