Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mamatography: Week 18

This past week we went away for a few days for the first time ever with all three kiddos. It was lots of fun...and lots of work! My mom and brother came along too. We went to visit the city we are moving to next month, and they also wanted to see what it was like. The highlight of the trip was that we got to visit our house and show it to the kiddos and my fam. We also got to meet the current owners, they were super nice and gave us the lowdown on a few things in the house. Ken and I and the three kiddos all stayed in one room! The kiddos loved it. Maddie and Isaac slept in the same double bed, and the first night it was 1030pm and they were still awake speaking to each other in whispers...they were so excited! The next 2 nights were smoother. For fun, we went to a Clay Cafe and they painted some pottery. We had lots of fun, but we were also glad to be back home. 

Doting on Baby during our mini-trip
(We stayed at a B&B)

Clay Cafe
Maddie painting a buttefly
Clay Cafe
Isaac painting a wolf black, his fav colour!
My mom and Elsa at Clay Cafe
Playing on the Ipad with their uncle

Another one of my mom and Elsa

Super Moon brightness!

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  1. Beautiful super moon shot!
    It sounds like it was an exciting week over there, for sure. How cool that your extended family was able to check out your new house with you, and the current owners were able to give you some good information. Hopefully that eases the transition of your big move!

  2. What a great week, family trips can be so fun, but I hear you and the happy to be home bit :)


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