Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cold and can't think

My house is so cold.

Yesterday I complained and found out that Ken had meddled with the thermostat!

Ken: "I turned the heat down cause I was sweaty"
(He hardly ever gets cold, in fact he is always saying he's hot)

Mind you the heat was only at 20!

Me: "It's FREEZING in here!"
(Almost always I'm cold. Only in Cuba or Mexico or any other tropical country can I say that I'm actually hot. Even then I love it and would take it over any cold place)

Go to turn heat back up to 20.
(Which is the temp we compromised, much to my dismay, to keep it at, in light of soaring oil prices)

All night I shivered. Well not ALL night, just till the bed warmed up. Ken is the perfect little heater to sleep with!
All day today I have been cold, and now that the rain is pouring, it's damp. Slowly the house is warming up. I wouldn't mind so much except that I have to study for a stats midterm tomorrow and I can't concentrate cause I am shivering. I will have to put on a BIG sweater and a hat. Wish me luck.


  1. Try a drink of hot jello - works like a charm!


  2. Thanks mama mia :-) Next time I am freezing I'll be sure to try that.


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