Friday, October 28, 2005

School week from hell

I'm so happy it's Friday today...happy and relieved. This week was one of the busiest I've ever had to live through! I had seminars to prepare, midterm in stats (which I am forever horrible at), and papers galore to write! All combined with getting up at 6am everyday to have enought time for all this to get done. It feels so satisfying to be done all that if you have been wondering why I haven't called or emailed or responded to MSNs now you know. My back is killing me from sitting and reading so much and I think I have a permaheadache!!! No, I'm exaggerating on the headache thing...but I have been popping lots of tylenol lately. Hopefully, it has gone away.

So now I am off to enjoy my weekend!!! Starting with a nap! Yay! And I am gonna read my book (not school related) that I haven't been able to touch recently.

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