Friday, December 16, 2005

Finally the holiday's can begin!!!

Today I passed in the funding application, so I am schoolfree for a few weeks!!! I may have to do some tiny bits of work for my thesis, but nothing too big. Ken is done tomorrow, he writes his exam and then he'll be all done too! Today we decorated the house but because we are going to Ottawa soon, we didn't get a tree this year. That's ok though, all the other decorations look nice and Christmasy!

I have to work tomorrow and Sunday, although I don't want to because sitting for long periods of time make my neck and shoulders sore, I'm sure it will be ok though. I'm feeling better every day. Also, it will be good to see everyone before the holidays, as I don't work until New Year's eve after this weekend. We are supposed to get some snow tonight, I just hope it's not a whole lot.

I am super tired tonight, so heading to bed early...

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